Next to the red panda and mantis shrimp, the sloth is in my top 5 favorite animals. I love them for how they live their life: slow and relaxed. They take their time living life and manage to live up to 30 years old. For being one of the slowest creatures in the animal kingdom, them living up to 30 years old is amazing! 


I got this snow globe on Christmas in a white elephant game. It’s actually my favorite item from Christmas. My little cousin originally got it and didn’t seem too thrilled. I decided to steal it during my turn. She was happy because she ended up getting a battery pack. 

No one ended up stealing the globe after me. It was a cheesy to them. To me, it was a reminder. A reminder life isn’t so bad. A reminder to slow it down, life isn’t going anywhere. A reminder to live in the moment, be mindful, and have happiness. 

Anytime I look at it, I’m motivated to work. To do something I love. To understand that life isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. I don’t know where this race ends up but I’m going to see it through to the end. 

Take a glance at your life. How much do you hurry throughout the day? Are you trying to get things over with or get things done correctly? It’s okay to slow down and relax. Take it one at a time. Make sure you are working at your best and to not slack. Be the best version of yourself. You owe it to yourself. 

One Comment on “Don’t Hurry, Be Happy

  1. Believe it or not, someone just got to work right now, it’s 10:30 here, but someone worked very hard for the last couple of weeks, was tired and woke up late. An extremely lot of small things to accomplish today also, but I’m taking the sloth strategy to get it done, upon your recommendation. Thanks, Erick, greeting from Vienna, Austria! 🙂


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