Currently, I’m preparing myself for the chaos to come. The difference this time, I’M EXCITED!

Growing up, we are overwhelmed and have chaos thrown into our lives every so often. We worry and stress on how to handle it. We are never taught how to deal with the unknown, we learn it on our own instead. We learn through trial and error. We know that nothing in life is static. Life is dynamic with twists and turns.

I have learned that we cannot prevent chaos and we shouldn’t fear it. All we can do is put one foot in front of another doing our best to get to where we want to be. That’s what I’m about to do. Whatever happens in the next couple of months, I won’t regret it. This chaos is welcomed and I plan to see it through to the end. By the end of it, working as hard as I can, I know I’ll have done my best.


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7 Comments on “Overwhelming Chaos

  1. Just to put a couple of words here what my life looks like at this moment: sitting by my notebook PC, opened of course 5 tabs and there are ear tampons in my ears not to hear how my beautiful wife and my little guy are interacting in their sweet way. We’re sharing the same goals as we’re a family, and I will get back to them when my personal goal is complete removing the tampons. At this moment, I’m thinking of Erick more as them because Erick liked something that was very important to me to share in that comment. Chaos is just an obstacle, really nothing to fear of, because If we have goals we once get what belongs to us 🙂

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    • “Chaos is just an obstacle, really nothing to fear of, because If we have goals we once get what belongs to us 🙂”

      Beautifully said. Goals give us a drive to push for something more. Wishing your family a happy February thus far! Thanks for the fantastic insight as usual! 🙂

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