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When you woke up today, what did you do? Did you stay in bed and check you phone for the next 15-30 minutes or head to the shower to wake yourself up immediately? Whatever your routine is, it’s essential to having a productive and healthy morning, especially on Mondays. Keeping to a routine that sets you up for a good day is better than winging it each day. 

Cutting Morning Social Media

XKCD provided a pretty good example of this as shown above. Most people’s morning routines are waking up, catching up with social media, then finally getting out of bed. Social media is a negative way of starting one’s day. An article found it has been linked to higher levels of loneliness, envy, etc. and decreases social skills. The article talks about social media’s negative effects as a whole, which is true, but you don’t need to stop using it outright. It can be good in moderation; nonetheless, using it first thing in the morning will improve your day tremendously. If you’re able to stop this morning habit outright, you’ll enjoy your days more often and start the day with a level head and with your goals in mind.

Make Your Bed

A the University of Texas 2014, a Navy Seal Admiral had a commencement address and shared ten lessons he learned from basic seal training. The first lesson was the simplest and most important. Make your bed. Now, what does making your bed have to do with starting your day? It’s your first task done. To be able to get one task done for the day is better than starting with none. With one task down, it will create a ripple effect of getting another task down, and another, and another. But what about the bad days? The days where you get no tasks done. Well, you come home to a clean bed that’s comfy and waiting for you because you made it ready for when it’s time for bed. Start your morning right and make that bed. To watch the full video, feel free to here:

Your Routine

These two small changes to your morning can help create a more positive routine to start your day right. Your life is different but two simple actions can cause a chain reaction to improving your life long-term. The routine you decide to have in the morning will hold a lasting effect on a daily basis Make sure to create some kind of positive routine that consistently moves you forward trough the day. Start small, add one or two changes,  and try it for a week. Keep working towards that perfect routine that gets you being the best version of you everyday!

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