So Who Am I?

My name is Erick Allas, but you can also call me “CK.” I’m a graduate of New Jersey Institute in Information Technology with a B.S. of Information Technology and Minor in Information Systems. A short version of my personality is that I’m often optimistic and positive. I try to live my life through something I call posactivity (positive activity). I do this by taking any situation, good or bad, and actively doing something to better it. This equates to the happy energy I carry daily. My hobbies possibly tie into this as they include photography, videography, GIS, programming, hiking, dancing, magic, rock climbing, meditating, and reading.

Customer Support

I’ve been in the customer support field for 3 years. My first 1.5 years was as a Systems Engineer at Cedonix and then another 1.5 years as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. These positions, along with my previous experiences as a barista, have helped generate my passion for helping others. This passion shines through in my customer support. It’s a role that requires patience and empathy along with positivity to help clients reach their best solution for any problem they may have. I strive to improve relationships with customers through empathy and work to push the limits of what customer support means.


I discovered my passion for videography recently but noticed that it grew from a young age. In middle school, I got a camera as a present and learned about Windows Movie Maker. I created videos with friends, filmed my own dance videos, and posted them on YouTube as well. I haven’t stopped filming myself or thinking of how films are done. In high school, I took a class on photography and it shaped how I look at the world. I intently took photos that tried to have good composition, lighting, and emotion. I came to the realization that I could help others with photo and film and was able to update myself on current techniques, software, and hardware. It started as a hobby but was able to turn it into a side hustle where I can help others to realize their visions. I’m now trying to make a name for myself with this passion.


Geographic Information Systems

This is a new passion I recently discovered. I’m working towards learning all about GIS and transfer my skills and career to both implement and change into it. While the process will take a while, I’m determined to dive head first into it. I’ve always wanted to make my career have environmental impact while utilizing the technology skills I have. I believe with my love of arts, programming knowledge, and love of nature, I’ll be able to create meaningful spatial maps and information that impacts the world.

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