NEW CHALLENGER Currently, I'm preparing myself for the chaos to come. The difference this time, I'M EXCITED! Growing up, we are overwhelmed and have chaos thrown into our lives every so often. We worry and stress on how to handle it. We are never taught how to deal with the unknown, we learn it on [...]

Everything Is Replaceable Except You The World of Things Everything we have right now can be replaced within a year. If we break a phone or have our contract up, we get a new one. If a car breaks down, we buy another or find another means of transportation. We dislike our job and we [...]

The Clouds A cloud consists of tiny water droplets that become visible in the air. When drawing, a cloud is used as a thought bubble in one's mind. Combined, we can say that our thoughts make up what we visualize. "Whatever a monk keeps pursuing with his thinking & pondering, that becomes the inclination of [...]

Next to the red panda and mantis shrimp, the sloth is in my top 5 favorite animals. I love them for how they live their life: slow and relaxed. They take their time living life and manage to live up to 30 years old. For being one of the slowest creatures in the animal kingdom, [...]

New Year, New You! About a week and a half until 2017! Are you prepared yet? I definitely am! Why? What's not to be excited about next year? There's a whole new year of OPPORTUNITIES just waiting to be unlocked within you! THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE DAYS of creating your best year ever! There are [...]